Monday, February 27, 2012

Being with my first love again...

What an afternoon it was!!three hours with the first love of my life whom I have known since I was a little girl. My first love has always been with me, it  has never disappointed or ignored me, embraced me whenever I went to its arms. My love is hard bound and in many versions, its none other than  books and my afternoon was amazing at the Delhi book fair. Being there and having to see so many pieces of excellence was a great retreat. Not just that I also got to try my photography skills too.
My first encounter with books goes back to when I was four or five years. It started with magic colouring books which had paintings and when applied paint with water, they would become colourful.Then later happened Panchtantra, followed by Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew. The mystery novels always kept me petrified. But I learnt about life, love , friendships from Chicken Soups. They were a good refuge from all my teenage turmoil and also a big thanks to the only book shop in my town the English Book Depot where i made  numerous visits while returning from school.
As I grew, I wanted to know more on life and spirituality which was in abundant in Paulo Coelho from whose books I learnt signs and omens and Brian Weiss's Many lives, Many masters too.
They are my best companions till date and always will be. Thanks

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