Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not just another day..

It was not just another day in the reporting team of the Indian Express, the mornings were usual with usual stuff. When I reached the Express at around 12, a news awaited me, my editor told me that I had to visit JNU for a story. The 3 letter word rang an alarm in my mind and took me back to March 2011.
It was onset of spring, the trees in the JNU campus were blossoming.There was hustle bustle for new admissions and a tension of final exams for the old ones.My first visit to the varsity was to collect admission forms for masters course.It was March 14, 2011 that day. It was ' his' birthday. Lets call him 'S'. It was 'S's first birthday with me. As I lined up in the queue for the forms I glanced tenth time on my phone. Each time expecting a call from him. Expecting that he would say please come back early, we'll celebrate my birthday together.
It was 2pm and I had finished my work, it was time to head back home. I sat in the car and again checked my phone. Wait there was a message! it said, "wat will u get for me?" It meant S had asked me to come early. atleast I thought so. and this thought made me feel happy and wanted.
Sitting in the bus and looking outside the trees running behind me, I kept on thinking of the birthday celebrations. I finally reached and my dreams came to an end. The call never came and his birthday was never celebrated with my presence.This year his birthday celebration will be different. there will be no one waiting for his call, no one he can ask gifts from, As for me I'll continue to report in JNU till the elections there.

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