Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last two days...

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day, if described in literary terms.  It comprised of Work, more Work, conversations with uncle, dinner at Bercos, conversations again.
A pretty ok day but there was something sad about yesterday which I am trying to figure out. Work was fun, Dinner was good, may be the conversations were diluted with melancholy.
My conversations with uncle consisted of mostly family talks and the my desperation to be with them again.Its been more than a month since I saw them. The last time I met them was only for half a day. Delhi is great, it is but there's a vacuum in me, I miss something.Sometimes food and more importantly care. Nobody here bothers to stand and question my well being even if they do its just "oh hi hw ru,, u ok na." which is as good as not asking me. There are a thousand other things which I dislike about the city and its hostility but there's just one thing which keeps me here- My work, which I didn't get easily at all. But even then I am happy and grateful to the almighty for a wonderful family and friends. May be I am thanking them today because I am far from them. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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