Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daddy's Day

Today is my daddy's birthday. Daddy, my late grandfather who left me in 2004, its roughly been 8 years without him. Life's has been one big struggle since then. Daddy was wheatish,tall, had a broad nose and a smile on his face always. In winters he could be spotted sporting a tie and a three piece blazer, agile and amicable. He was 60.He was born after Shivratri hence named Bhola Nath. This is the first time I am uttering his name since eight years. Its not that I haven't remembered him.Whenever I am sad, his memories pamper me. these memories go back to my childhood which were full of scooter rides, ice creams, school trips, doctor visits with Daddy. you could easily call me his PA. I used to do his paper work of the court dates, put his eye drops at night, stand on his feet to ease out his pain. In return he gave me some rupees and a few shellings everynight. Life's was so fullfilling. After he left, i suddenly felt orphaned and jobless too. Now it was only a juggle between school and tutions. I missed a bit of him everyday. In all these years without him my family and me have grown and learnt. but none of us miss him now probably our wounds have healed, we have learnt to live without him. But on his birthday i would thank him and almighty for blessing us with a person as beautiful as him. Thanks, RIP daddy...


  1. Dear Isha, If start thinking about phubaji I am sure I can write one full series on him ,so handsome ,dashing, soft-spoken, polite and lovable …and evergreen romantic by heart still remember the way he use to call bua “RAJ”. He always shows his affection to his near and dear
    All gotawala family in farrukhabad just adore him as he was the first “Damad” of family, and he use to meet everybody. He was so well dress man with never say die attitude …I never saw his behaving like 60 he was always young at heart … his friend like relation with his son always amazed us .

  2. So beautifully expressed Isha... I can understand how difficult it is to pen ur memories with such a gem of person...we shall always cherish our memories with him..words fail to express our feelings and fondness for him. He is and shall always be in our thoughts and prayers... Miss him a lot... ..... May his soul rest in peace.