Thursday, February 23, 2012

An unforgiving life..

Today i met a family which lost a young bride to HIV. She was 23, and had committed suicide probably because she was HIV positive and depressed. Her in laws had to signs of sorrow on their face instead they were glad that they got rid of her, their son could now remarry and have kids.
Strange are the ways of life. It seemed the family had segregated her and her husband stayed away from her. Thats what that girl got after 3 years of marriage. Isn't love about humanity and feelings and not just physical intimacy? It is understandable that her husband had to avoid intercourse with her but he could still love her. little gestures could make a woman feel wanted and cared. How difficult it is to live with a man without his care , love and attention?
I am forced to think about the frustation of a bride whose husband runs away from her sight and avoids to be in the same room with her. Don't they know HIV doesn't spread by sitting and eating with some people.
Other than this story today I learnt some of life's little tricks , one of them was to sought out the petty differences which can bother us and spoil relationships.

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