Thursday, March 1, 2012

That town called Ambala

Sometime back I overheard a group of people in my college talking about a town called Ambala and procurement of explosives from the railway station there. She said, "you know that place Ambala, police found explosives in the car there near the railway station." Hearing this my whiskers got alert. Ambala railway station is not just 'that' place for me.
Its my hometown. A place where I have been nurtured and the railway station there apart from being northern India's main junction was also a landmark junction in my life.
It was the place where I met 'him' first time and shared first glances with him. Its the place where
I get down now when I reach Ambala and still look around to create the same nuances. Though not a very
happening place, it has usual places that a station or a bus stand will have, recharge shops, eating joints and dhabas,  beggars going around for alms, a bus stand adjoining it and hence constant cocophony of horns and traffic.
A few steps away is the public library and you enter the cantonment area where there is an army station.A little distance away from the cantt area is the Staff Road where there is a red building that was my school and also a central point of my life, fourteen years there and thousands of lessons learnt and forgotten . Peeping inside from the iron gates, one can see a statue of mother Mary and a chapel. Left from the school gate a lonely road takes you to a small lane from where only one vehicle can cross at a time. There stands a small little house where a family of five live. Welcome to my friend Abhi's home.
Ambala has only one main market place and in the midst of that stands a four storey house painted in light yellow, its my home. Seeing that building even from a distance gives me joy.
As my state of trance ended, I realised myself being in Delhi, which can boast of metro and many many more but nothing gives me more joy than the Haryana Roadways bus which takes me to  'that' town. Thinking these nostalgic thoughts I walk down to the metro station listening Jagjit Singh's ghazal 'Hum to hai pardes mein , des mein nikla hoga chand.'

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