Friday, March 9, 2012

The holiest holi

Holi came and went yesterday. My memories of holi go back to my childhood which meant Family,food and fun. the day previous to Holi, we all used to gather in what we call the 'mohalla'. A round place with houses on all sides and a well in between. There used to be a fire lit and everybody had to pray and take rounds around the fire. I as a kid went every year with Daddy and do the pooja. After the pooja was over everybody wished each other and put some 'gulaal' and leave. The next day we all woke up early in the morning and put oil all over from head to toe so that the color came off easily. We then went out and put colors on each other.Sometimes my sister and me filled balloons with water and threw on the people from our terrace. Exhausted after a wild array of colors there was food to indulge in . Sometimes dahi vadaa or rajma chaval, gujiya, samosa.
This year I there is no Holi celebration as there are assignments lined up to submit. No one here would lend his/her precious time to play with me.No good food, all that there is work and a vacuum. But I am happy for my family which played like always. Amidst the assignments and cooking, there is a desperate soul who misses every holi spent at home.There is a smile on my face while I wish everyone on phone and a longliness to be with them once again, to eat with them again , to feel their presence.That was the holiest Holi. Its been one hour since I stood on the terrace watching kids play. I soon gathered composure and went back to the assignments.

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