Friday, March 16, 2012

soul sisters

March 15, 1994, 2.30 pm,,,
Town Ambala. was born a girl white as milk, chubby and rosy like an apple. She just looked a baby angel. I saw her in amazement and couldn't get my eyes off her. I gently touched her fingers and she held my index finger like she didn't wanted to leave them. She is my lil sister whom we named Disha practically because it rhymed with my name Isha.
I remember praying for a baby sister before she was born as I always wanted someone who could play with me and yes I got it. I am five years elder to her but she never called me 'didi' except in cases of crisis!!
We grew up and went to the same school and soon I became the protective elder sis who took care of her even in school and during recess. But yes we did fight like an friends and me y other siblings. She sometimes to express her anger locked me inside the room .(Yes she locked me!) Most of the times she always jumped in between my friends and me to play with us. Then came the study phase when I used to help her giving her English lessons. ( She thought I explained them well) and also the quiet lessons on friends and boys when she was growing up. Some of our best memories were when we out on annual holidays and had loads of fun playing badminton and fighting also. She turned 17 this March and has grown up to be a tall chick . Ya she is 5  feet, six inches, that does make me feel envious at times. You might find her shy and reserved but once she knows you she won't leave any stone unturned to make you happy.  Even though  we are apart the bond has become stronger and love her even the more. Thanks Dish!!!! you are sweetest lil sis I could have asked for.

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