Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The exam time I miss

Exam season is just over and the excitement to enter a new class is unspeakable. The smell of new books and looking at  the report card again and again is so special. The care with which new books are handled is just a remarkable feeling. Exam time may come with a stress but it also reminds me of the wonderful teaching sessions I had with papa. Yes most of my childhood, I was taught by my father since nursery to class six. A normal day would be coming back from school, followed by an afternoon nap, then playtime with some neighbourhood friends, my favourite tv time and then study when papa returned from work.
It usually started around 10 and ended in an hour or so. In exam time, he would skip an entire day to teach and help me with studies. This was his commitment in which he gave up all his leisure time to tutor me. There was  his unique way of teaching. if I would ever forget a verse of a poem or a spelling, i had to repeat it ten times and later even while going to sleep he asked me to repeat so that I learn by heart.
Most of my books fascinated papa more than they would do to me and he spent late hours reading my new books.After my exam got over we both discussed the whole paper. The exam time is finished now but I havent forgotten the lessons I learnt from him.
I never said that but I want to say it now thank you pa you made me what I am today. Love you..

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