Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ghar ka Khana

A red bag lay on the sofa of my Delhi home. It was a big one and i was told that it had things for me, it had come from my home. Apart from the things for me,it has food also. Exciting I thought, travelling in the metro I couldn't keep off my mind from the thoughts of'ghar ka khana' which is not just immensely missed but also has the potential of emotional charging. My metro ride took me around 45 minutes to take me home and these minutes were just a reminder of my grandma who has cared for me more than my mum. I reached home and rushed to the kitchen to see what has been sent. There were pranthas, subzi and achhar. Not a big meal really.
the moment I opened the foil and saw six pranthas. I'll have just one, my mind said that. my heart said two is fine sometimes. Picking one of them reminded me how my grandma must have got up at 5 in the morning to make them and pack it up herself .She is 65, agile and caring, she has a big black mole on her right cheek and I remember been fascinated by it when I was a toddler. Since my infancy she has been the central point of my life. There was one instance when I was infected with measles in class eight. She made me sleep with her for ten days and every night, she stayed awake to stroke my back with neem leaves. I use to sleep but not she, never got irritated or tired of me. She cooked for me separately and made sure nobody disturbed me. My exam time was a big treat. she cooked whatever I said and her endless milk sessions and advice to study more and exam tips. She gave me love, time and care. Even now whenever I am home she makes sure she cooks my farewell meals and also pack some for Delhi. I never said this but i love her to death and she means the world to me. Thats what Delhi has done to me. Taught me the value of  the valuable. Thanks Delhi.
And ya I ate 3 pranthas that day!!!!!!!!!!

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