Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing after an year

Its been a year since I blogged or should I say wrote. I did scribble a few paragraphs here and there, in times of distress, but I would not call it writing.
I have often taken a lot of pride in calling myself a writer, but I haven't really been a writer. In this one year, a lot has changed, new beginnings, goodbyes, happiness and grief. The last year saw it all. In this mixed  bag of emotions, I have emerged as a new being.
 I am happy to write this after a long time, writing does give me happiness and contentment but it becomes vital in times of grief. I don't know why I abstained from it, even when I went through extreme pain in the last two years.
I might have been lazy, like I have always been.
In these years, I have read a thousand things about writing, including quotes which said, Writing is about lessening your own loneliness and not about others. Having said that I now feel, I should write often to feel less lonely.
Being lonely doesn't mean I am looking out for someone. It means humans are lonely animals and we spent all our lives looking for souls who can make us feel less lonely.
I am very happy to have a wonderful person in my life who makes me feel less lonely but there are moments when I slip into the blanket of loneliness.
I know I have become far too philosophical, but I guess its ok to be after nearly 2 years of writing.
I will write more to ease out my own problems.

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